Healthcare Leadership Excellence

Episode 75: Leading with Clarity and Effective Communication with Kamya Elawadhi

March 04, 2024 Karl Pister Season 1 Episode 75
Healthcare Leadership Excellence
Episode 75: Leading with Clarity and Effective Communication with Kamya Elawadhi
Show Notes

In this episode, we meet Kamya Elawadhi, an expert in communication with a background in both executive leadership and advertising. Kamya shares her journey from being fascinated by ads as a child to her current focus on healthcare communication.

We discuss effective communication strategies for leaders, with Kamya emphasizing the importance of listening. She advocates for a 70% listening and 30% speaking approach. She highlights the need to understand others' perspectives, especially in managing large teams.

Moving on to cultivating a thinking mindset, Kamya stresses the value of observation and learning from diverse experiences. She urges leaders to create environments where team members feel comfortable yet challenged.

Kamya also addresses the tendency to stay in comfort zones. She suggests inspiration from children's curiosity and adaptability to promote personal growth.

She shares insights on revisiting basics, balancing comfort and discomfort, and persistently pursuing goals. Kamya emphasizes communication's role in building healthy relationships, managing conflicts, and fostering a supportive team environment.

Kamya's leadership and communication approach provide a thoughtful framework for guiding teams through challenges and towards success. Join us in this episode for learn more about leading with clarity and excellent communication.

About Kamya Elawadhi:

Kamya Elawadhi, Chief Client Officer, Doceree, has an illustrious experience of 14 years in the global media & advertising ecosystem. Prior to joining Doceree in 2019, Kamya served as the Client Servicing Director at HS Ad, responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of brands. In her extensive professional journey, Kamya has extended her strategy acumen for over 30 diverse brands from the consumer and healthcare industry. Known for her expertise in business development, Kamya takes pride in being a specialist of offering measurable solutions to brands with optimal results. Her eclectic experience is supported by leading and manging skills that make her pivotal in driving Doceree’s success and growth in the last four years of operations, since its inception. Along with Business aesthetics, Kamya is responsible for managing Platform & Corporate Strategy at Doceree in US. To speak about Kamya’s educational background, she is a graduate in Mass Communication & Journalism from Hisar University, India. Hailing from the United States, Kamya lives in Parsippany with her family. Apart from work, Kamya is also a fitness enthusiast & an ardent music lover.

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