Healthcare Leadership Excellence

Episode 70: MyBestSelf101 with Dr. Jared Warren

January 29, 2024 Karl Pister Season 1 Episode 70
Healthcare Leadership Excellence
Episode 70: MyBestSelf101 with Dr. Jared Warren
Show Notes

We are delighted to once again have Dr. Jared Warren, the creator of, for a discussion on leadership and well-being on the Healthcare Leadership Excellence podcast. We delve into the essence of leadership and its role in positively influencing others' lives. Dr. Warren explains how his website aids leaders in understanding and enhancing their impact by personalizing leadership development through evidence-based resources.

Dr. Warren speaks of the significance of positive psychology in improving individual and team well-being and debunks common misconceptions about its effectiveness. We explore the three pillars of human flourishing—perspective, people, and power—and discuss key topics derived from positive psychology research. Dr. Warren underscores the importance of supportive relationships and self-compassion in fostering personal and professional growth.

Our conversation covers practical tools available on, such as the Strategy Selection Tool, designed to help individuals identify areas for improvement aligned with their well-being goals. We also discuss leveraging character strengths and embracing positive psychology principles to enhance fulfillment and meaningful living. Throughout the episode, we emphasize the value of intentional practice and experimentation in developing essential leadership skills for sustainable success.

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